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Video analytics has revolutionized the landscape of surveillance systems. With the advent and evolution of neural networks, these systems are becoming increasingly accessible and versatile, enabling homeowners to achieve greater security and peace of mind. Here's a look at how video analytics can be effectively used for monitoring homes, apartments, garages, courtyards, and elevator lobbies.
Enhancing Home Surveillance with Video Analytics

1. Home Monitoring: Video analytics can be employed to detect unusual activities or intrusions in real-time. Whether it's a break-in attempt or just an unexpected visitor, homeowners can receive instant notifications.
2. Watching Over Nannies and Caretakers: For families with children or elderly members, ensuring their well-being is paramount. Video analytics can be set up to monitor the behavior of nannies or caregivers, ensuring that they provide the required care and attention.
3. Guarding the Garage and Vehicles: Cars parked in garages are prime targets for theft or vandalism. Video analytics can detect unauthorized entry or any suspicious movements around the vehicles.
4. Courtyard and Property Surveillance: For homeowners with large properties or gardens, it's essential to monitor the outdoor spaces. Video analytics can identify trespassers or even wildlife that might venture into the yard.
5. Elevator Lobby Monitoring: For apartment dwellers, the safety of common areas like elevator lobbies is crucial. Video analytics can help in recognizing loiterers or individuals who shouldn't be in the building.
6. Overseeing Parking Spaces: Whether it's a driveway or a dedicated parking spot, keeping an eye on parked vehicles is essential. Video analytics can alert homeowners of any unauthorized parking or suspicious activities around their vehicles.

Local Video Analytics

Web Camera Pro & VideoSurveillance.Cloud: A Powerful Combination

The collaboration of Web Camera Pro with VideoSurveillance.Cloud offers multiple advantages to users:
Local Video Archiving: Users aren't confined to accessing the video archive for their cameras. The archive is stored locally on the computer, ensuring data privacy and easy access.
In-house Video Analytics: Analytics is performed locally using the Web Camera Pro software. This eliminates the need for additional subscriptions or payment for analytics services.
Space Efficiency: The system leverages artificial intelligence technologies to substantially reduce storage requirements. By minimizing the frames per second during inactivity and using object detection based on neural networks, Web Camera Pro can decrease the video archive size by hundreds of times.
Selective Cloud Recording: With Web Camera Pro, cloud recording is triggered only by specific events. If no event is detected, users can opt for time-lapse recording, ensuring efficient storage utilization.

Due to high demand, the number of invitations to connect Web Camera Pro to the cloud is limited. Those interested in this service should join the waiting list by reaching out through the support section.
How to set video privacy?
Video privacy on YouTube refers to the setting that determines who can view a particular video uploaded to the platform. There are three options for video privacy on YouTube:
  1. Public: This setting means that anyone can view the video, and it will appear in search results and on the video owner's channel.
  2. Unlisted: This setting means that only people with the link to the video can view it. It will not appear in search results, on the video owner's channel, or in recommended videos.
  3. Private: This setting means that only people who have been specifically invited to view the video can do so. The video will not appear in search results, on the video owner's channel, or in recommended videos.
Link to your YouTube account
In the settings, determine the privacy of downloadable videos, so that they can not see outsiders. It is recommended to set "Unlisted".

Choosing the appropriate video privacy setting is important for maintaining control over who can view the content on your YouTube channel. It is especially important to consider privacy concerns if the video contains sensitive or personal information. By setting the video privacy appropriately, content creators can ensure that their videos are seen only by the intended audience.
How to create Live broadcast from IP camera
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Video Analytics Software
Camera Motion Detector
Use your phone as a smart camera for object detection and video surveillance.
When a person is detected in the frame, the application will automatically
save the video to your phone or to VideoSurveillance.Cloud server.
The smart detector starts recording video only when motion occurs.
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